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Offering the ultimate customized cleaning solution with SMART Cycle functionality that learns your pool, the VRX iQ+ calculates the most . Clean the intake hole by flipping the cleaner over and clearing out any debris. Shop Bathroom Products; 1-Day Bath and Shower Remodel; Professional Trade Services; . Incidentally, this will increase the water pressure in the filter signaling that it is time to clean the filter. Hi Vlad both ideas you mention can affect the travel pattern of the cleaner, as well as adjusting the suction flow rate (more or less). Hi Robert, does the power box led indicator do any flashing, indicating an error? Also check the inline strainer at the wall. "logo": { }, If it starts, cleaner starts moving around . "height": "219", "url": "https://intheswim.com/", Hi Mary, the hose floats can fail over time. heres the owners manual: http://www.thepoolcleaner.com/PoolCleanerSUCTION.pdf. If I give it a little push up the wall it will start to climb the rest of the way. It has been a problem with our old one too but the new one is worse. Hi Fred, is the o-ring missing or damaged? A speedy suction side cleaner will zip past dirt and debris, leaving behind a dirty pool. Pool Lube on the o-ring can also be helpful, sometimes necessary, to get the fitting turned in all the way. Disaster strikes and time comes to a standstill if your pool cleaner stops working. If your pool cleaner hose hung on a hook all winter, or the hose was wrapped too tight, it can develop a kink in the hose that causes it to twist and tangle. Ushering in the next evolution of intelligent robotic pool cleaners, the Polaris VRX iQ+ provides strategic cleaning for a brilliantly clean pool you can clearly see. Polaris Pool Cleaners Brochure. I have a Kreepy Krauly that is kreeping slowly. Hi Ethel; it sounds like an air leak, which could be coming from splits or holes in the vac hose, or it may be coming from in front of the pump (pump lid, pipe coming into pump, pump drain plug, or suction valves skim/md). If the thrust jet is in a 9 or 3 oclock position, this will create a circular pattern, which may cause tangling. If your suction side cleaner does not cover your entire pool, check the hose length! Rotate one of the wheels when the cleaner is in OFF mode, and make sure all wheels turn together. Adjusting the two vents can also affect the direction of travel. Leaves, rocks, or other rubbish in the baskets will reduce your pump's water flow and slow down the suction side cleaner. 20# silica. It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original manufacturer for use with Jacuzzi spas. Is it bad for the vacuum to go above the water? Hi Pool Heater Repair: My Pool Heater wont Start! Another option is to remove the ladder if its rarely used, or shorten the cleaner hose slightly for entry step handrails. Polaris 7240 Sport Cleaner Brochure. Thank you, If your automatic cleaner or pool vacuum isnt working, this is the post for you! Then after about 5 or 10 minutes it just stops. A & A Manufacturing 1 Check the screen to be sure it's free and clear of any debris or sand. How do I adjust the pressure? If it sticks on a raised main drain cover, look at the UniCover, which creates a smooth transition from floor to drain. Hi Jeff, are you using an extension cord? Pool gets lots of grass, but it should be working great with all these adjustments. Change the direction or cleaning pattern of the cleaner if its stuck in a corner of the pool or stuck up against a step. But the drain and skimmer dont get to do their job. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. When it stops, tracks do not spin, but the impeller is still turning, with water flow coming out of. Or a loose connection inside the power supply? Lately it has been spraying outside the pool and even getting stuck on stairs and acting like a fountain shooting water onto the deck. Hi Regina, the cleaner does not know if the pool is clean or not, they arent that smart It could be in the wrong cleaning mode. Hi Brian, only bad if the (suction) cleaner sucks in air. Powered by the pressure side of your pool pump system, pressure side pool cleaners dont use your pools filtration system to filter out debris. This post covers common pool cleaner troubleshooting steps to help get your cleaner back into gear! Another option is to use a skim vac plate (made to fit your skimmer) with a 90 elbow on top, so that your skimmer basket catches the debris, not the pump basket. Step 5. When cleaning swimming pools, use chlorine-compatible cleaners. Other skimmers and main drain lines closed? All Rights Reserved. Hello I have a vacuum. Any suggestions? Put the pliers thru the opening of the connector, then open the pliers, then turn (CCW) with the pliers. It only moves when you first connect it to the jet. This happens to polaris and letro cleaners too some times, the sweep tail can get sucked up into the throat and into the bag. Some wall connections with o-rings may need lube, to make them lock into place easily. Working ok, but noticed debris being recirculated back into the pool. We bought a new shark. I have an Inferno 2 XT-6 robotic pool cleaner that is still under warranty. Its been working fine. Step 3 MEASURE SUPPLY VOLTAGE - Use a multimeter to measure the voltage to the motor. After clearing the intake hole, clean the skimmer basket, pump strainer basket, and pool filter. Top Pro. For the turning only one direction problem, it can be 1) uneven wear on the brushes or tracks, or 2) the power cable might be coiled or slightly twisted, and/or too much unnecessary cable in the pool, or 3) loose wheel tubes, worn or missing parts, or 4) uneven tab wear on brushes, I have a pool vac. Broken or shorted wires are typically located where the power cord meets the cleaner, where the stress on the cord is highest. You can count RPMs of the wheel, should be between 11-13. I have the Aquabot x4 Model 200 and it spends most of its time on the walls or trying to climb the steps. Automatic pool cleaners are an integral part of pool maintenance. Ok, when it only goes backwards, that also can be a piston problem. To fix, simply let the cleaner sit in the pool for at least 30 minutes or until the brushes are soft. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Spa Owners Manuals Check the belts (380 model). Hi Juanita, it probably holds in there fine when the suction is ON, but if the pump shuts off or the suction line valve is closed, it can come undone. I have cleaned it and checked all connections. Now, i should say that if you are using a pump and filter system that is too large for the cleaner (it is meant to work with the 1500gph to 3500 gph Intex filter systems, then that could be the problem. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. And, sand and De filters can also bypass debris back to the pool from a missing or misaligned o-ring in a push pull slide valve, or spider gasket in the filter multiport valve. Any idea on why it moves outside of the pool in the air when lifted up but not when the wheels touch the ground. the idea though, is that you only run the cleaner for 3 or 4 hours, and then you disconnect it, and the circulation is returned to normal. Why wait around for your pool cleaner at home when you can clean your pool regardless of where you are With the convenience of iAquaLink app control for on-the-go cleaning and remote control capabilities, the Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ offers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius and greater agility to propel the cleaner up walls and over obstacles. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you identify pump problems and how to fix them. What can I do to make it stay on the floor longer and actually clean the bottom of my pool? Why isnt my robot cleaner cleaning the algae in my pool i have shocked my pool several ti.es and the stuff falls to the bottom Of my pool but my robot wont pick it up. The floating power cord for your robotic pool cleaner should be firmly plugged into the power supply transformer, which is plugged into an outlet. If either one is clogged with leaves and other debris, clean them out to increase water flow. You can do this by adjusting valves at the pump, closing the main drain valve more for instance, or you can increase flow by adjusting the springs on the sides of the Compass Flow Control Valve, which is used at the bottom of the skimmer. My Polaris hose suddenly wont lock into place. If it can perform these steps, try it in the pool again. I would suspect the top wheel on the P825, but not sure. Get to the wall, stops, wont climb and will not go into reverse. But you may not even need to use the regulator. Follow the suction side pool cleaner troubleshooting tips below to solve any issues. A clogged basket or dirty filter are the two main causes for a sluggish suction side cleaner. Page 6: In-Pool Installation IN-POOL INSTALLATION IN-POOL INSTALLATION IN-POOL INSTALLATION Place the hose weight (#17) on the hose. Purchase a new hose if your current one is too short for your pool. Or a new pool cleaning machine? I have a The Pool Cleaner (now owned by Hayward), when it is on the floor of the pool it moves extremely slowly often getting stuck in place and lacks the power to go up walls. As a last resort, the tail can be cut shorter. I have a Polaris 180. If your pool cleaner gets stuck on the main drain cover because its raised above the floor, install a, Flooded Inground Pool: 10-Steps to Recovery. (2023) J-300 Owner's Manual. Tripped breaker: Breakers are built-in mechanisms to keep electrical systems from overloading. Is this normal? Check the filter screens, located at the wall attachment, and in the hose on some newer models. Check your owners manual for specific adjustments for your particular pressure pool cleaner. Aiper Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Aiper Orca 1200 Pro Aiper Orca 1300 Aiper Orca 2000 Aiper Orca 800 Mate Aiper Seagull 1000 Aiper Seagull 600 Whether you have a suction side, pressure side, or robotic pool cleaner, you will eventually experience some problems, like the ones discussed below. "@type": "ImageObject", I replaced the pump motor and the impeller, which was severely clogged with grass. Bathroom. There isnt anything universal, but could be available (for your particular product). Sand too small; recommend .40mm to .50 mm size, FILTER WILL NOT KEEP WATER CLEAN. Backwashing helps, but never as good as it used to go all the time. There is no debris in the pool. My suction pool cleaner works fine except it runs over some areas a lot more than others and completely ignores one corner. If the cleaners hose length isnt the problem, inspect your pools return jets. Make a small mark on the tire, so its easy to spot a full revolution, and count with a stop watch. Hi Terry, the hose may have lost the orifice tip? It might be too small, or too long to bring the necessary amperage to the power supply box? It wont clean the 3ft section and the stairs. If not, you'll have to purchase a new one. It is also possible that the tail orifice is clogged, if you find it intact and on the tail. Hot Tub Classic parts Spa 2-Pump Topside Control Panel Compatible with Most Jacuzzi Spas J-300 LED Series 2007-2012 2600-328. Problem #1: My pressure pool cleaner is not moving. Remove any debris and check for damages to the skimmer and strainer baskets. Also look for frayed or broken power cords. (2020) Pre-Delivery Guide. It can also happen when a cleaner gets stuck, if suctioned tightly to the pool floor. Hi Barry; at first glance I would say its not a cleaner problem, but it is related perhaps. INYO Products has an extensive library of owner's manuals and technical documents for your pool and spa equipment. The booster pump should be on and the filter pump should also be running at the same time. Others are spaced out along the line, but 2 or 3 are underwater at all times, to keep the hose more or less vertical. It could be an propeller blockage, or hair or string wound around the top propeller, or the belts or tracks are binding up, perhaps due broken teeth on gears or belts. You could make a DIY 90 deg elbow attachment to the skimmer, which will allow you to use the regulator. FREE delivery Feb 9 - 14. How to remedy? When you notice your pressure pool cleaner not moving the first thing to do is to check the booster pump. Hi, if the skimmer is empty, pour a little dish soap (just a few drops), to act like a lubricant. There are two small foam pieces inserted inside the cleaner, these are on many Aquabots and provide bouyancy. Another potential problem is an air leak in the cleaner hose or the pump. Depending on which cleaner you have, there may be other methods as well, consult your cleaners owners manual, the troubleshooting section in the final pages. Hi Richard, any chance that a line (pipe) could be clogged or restricted (partially collapsed if flex pipe) or something reducing the flow volume from the skimmer? Heres a manual with more troubleshooting tips for The Pool Cleaner, aka Tracker, aka Poolvergneugen, aka AquaNaut. Suction-side units tend to have smaller intakes, and without a booster pump, their suction power is often lacking. Hi, the pool vacuum hose separates from the wall when the pump shuts off (there is some back pressure I guess when the pumps arent work), and this pushes the hose out of the connection. $49900$624.98. Probably not a leak in the hose, but thats easily checked by pulling the hose slowly out of the water, from end to end, with it connected, to see if you hear any hissing or sucking sounds. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Durable Automatic Pool Cleaner Cover Waterproof Black Robotic Pool Cleaner Cover at the best online prices at eBay! Suction side cleaners connect to a suction line in your pool, like the wall skimmer, or a dedicated cleaner line that sucks water into the filter pump. Since pool water powers pressure side cleaners, a slow moving cleaner is likely caused by inadequate water pressure. Hi Dan, I would suspect an air leak in the system, either in the vacuum hose, or in the pipe coming into the pump, or around the pump lid. You may have grit in there, or need a new piston and cylinder assy. Or the filter canister is full, or the tires or brush is worn. It seems to be repeating the same pattern in the pool when cleaning, ignoring the deep end and the shallow end? Cartridge and DE filters should be trapping the debris, and not passing debris. First, put your hot tub cover back on and let the heater do its job for about 24 hours. Check the power supply fuse, and inspect floating cord closely those are the usual suspects. An adjustment to the tail sweep screw, tightening the screw, located where the tail attaches, below the head float will reduce water flow to the tail. The Baracuda G4 is built on Baracuda's long history as a global leader in automatic pool cleaning technology. "name": "In The Swim", the push rod that goes to the turning cog keeps breaking on one side when it turns after hitting the actuater bumper turn bar. Find the air leak, and solve the problem. Full Description. Kokido EV05CBX Telsa 5 Rechargeable Handheld Electric Pool & Spa Vacuum Cleaner. Learn more about pool care and repair. Spray your filters every week or so with a hot tub filter cleaner to provide a deeper clean. Ideal for use in small pools or hot tubs. Have a Polaris 9350, which I have been using since I opened the pool about 10 days ago. Secondly, the cleaner could be overpowered. Thanks. "headline": "Automatic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide", Also, make sure the feed hose is floating properly, not sinking or drooping. (2023) J-200 Owner's Manual. I GOT YOU COVERED! Do you think I need a stronger pump? Powered by the suction of the pumps water flow, suction side pool cleaners clean the whole pool in a random pattern while the pool circulation system is on. This Polaris is on a separate pump. Hi Heather, robots lose some climbing ability when 1) the debris bag or filters are full, 2) the walls are slick or slightly slimy with bio-films, or 3) the brushes, tracks or wheels are worn down, or 4) the impeller is damaged, or 5) vacuum suction (which helps hold the cleaner on the wall) is lower than normal. If it is turning, there is a problem with engagement between pulleys and belts, not the right amount of tension. Too much power to a pressure cleaner can cause it to fly around the pool and tangle itself. What is best way to prevent it claiming the walls or not going to the top. Works perfectly fine on the skimmer. I have replaced the belts and always clean the bag. My pool is 1838. . Baracuda G4. Air leaks in the hose or connections often cause air bubbles at the return line. "dateModified": "5/22/2012", Also check that the hoses are firmly connected to each other, and that the swivel is swiveling, where the hose connects to kreepy. (67) Hot Tub and Spa Repair, Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning and Maintenance. This post covers the solutions to common suction side, pressure side, and robotic pool cleaner problems. If not, thats an important part of installation. I have a pressure (Polaris) cleaner and the hose keeps getting tangled in the front wheel. Hi Emily, I would say you should inspect the drive belts and be sure they are intact and taut, about 1/2 deflection when you push down on the large belt with your finger, is normal. A lack of circulation could be the result of a dirty filter, a low level of water in the tub, or air lock in the lines. Hi, check the track for wear, on the outer edge and on the ribs on the underside. Our associates around the globe are passionate about serving our guests and driving exceptional results, and thrive in a culture where everyone is .

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